Instant Bank Account Verification
for Instant Gratification

Authenticate financial accounts instantly for a delightful customer experience.

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Verify accounts in seconds, not days

We’ve simplified the micro-deposits process, so you can set up and manage accounts faster while reducing costs.

Micro Deposits


Instant Account

Less Risk. More Reward.

Safeguard against risk, increase customer adoption, and boost engagement with Identity and Instant Account Verification. Our account opening process makes it easy to verify and aggregate your customers’ financial information fast and securely, reducing customer abandonment and increasing ROI. With Instant Account Verification, customers get the seamless online banking experience they’ve come to expect, and you get access to their accounts, accurately confirming their identity and financial information.

The benefits of Instant Account Verification
for financial institutions:

  • - Increase account openings
  • - Reduce orphaned account costs
  • - Integrate accounts seamlessly
  • - Boost customer engagement
  • - Deliver a delightful onboarding experience
  • - Provide quick fund transfers
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Turn customer expectations into
delightful experiences.

Your customers expect a seamless digital banking experience on every platform and device—and with Instant Account Verification by MX, you can be there to deliver. Our advanced APIs make it easy for customers to instantly add accounts and access all their financial information in one place, so you can allow them to transfer funds more easily—adding convenience and ease to their everyday life.

The benefits of Instant Account Verification
for your customers:

  • – Immediate real-time confirmation and verification
  • – Instant access to financial accounts
  • – Enabling them to fund transfers and transactions
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