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Mobile Banking Application

Innovate in weeks, not years

Today's account holders want to bank when, where, and how they want. Helios meets those needs by enabling a full-feature digital banking experience on any device or platform—tablet, desktop, and phone. Best of all, Helios is a native cross-platform framework, which means it's fast, stable, and device optimized.

The Future of
Mobile Banking

Watch this 30-second video to learn the basics about Helios by MX.


On Any Device

Helios is everything a cross-platform experience should be. It not only works on all devices and channels, but it also contains financial management and transactional functionality by leveraging our digital banking partnerships. It's the seamless experience end users crave.

BECU Case Study:
More Users + More Bill Pay = Solid ROI

BECU partnered with MX to offer their members the Helios cross-platform framework. Within 18 months of launching Helios, BECU saw:

  • A 170% increase in bill pay
  • A 99% increase in mobile users
  • A 22% increase in check deposits

Read the rave reviews

Thousands of reviewers, 4.8 star average

review star review star review star review star review star

New Look Makes finances fun again

The new update really had made a huge difference and has increased my confidence in my personal bank. I have left all my other budgeting and finance apps behind because the new BECU app has everything I need in one place! Way to go.

Jacque McNeil

review star review star review star review star review star

This APP is Fantastic!

I love being able to sync other financial institutions apps into BECU's app. Only having to open one app and seeing where all of my accounts are at is not only convenient but extremely easy. It's PERFECT!


review star review star review star review star review star

Best EVER!!!!

I just got all my bills and transfers taken care of with the app while laying in bed. This tech is wonderful!


review star review star review star review star review star

This is Amazing!

Excellent! Loved the app before, love the new app upgrades! Long time BECU customer, been out of the state for 12 years, and the customer service is phenomenal!

Tiffany Warner

review star review star review star review star review star

So Much Love!

I love the new fingerprint identification login. It’s easy to use, has TONS of helpful info, and makes transfers, bill pay and check depositing a snap. I’ve lived outside of WA 8 years now and still keep BECU because it’s easy to use.

Jillian Weiss

review star review star review star review star review star

So Impressed!!!

I’m honestly quite impressed with the quality and functionality of this app, especially considering AFCU is a relatively small fish in the shitshow that is financial banking. I guess you could call AFCU the Shitlord! 10/10

Jeremy Fisher

How to build a five star app

"We saw Helios as a chance to stand out and provide a very different experience. This means leading with digital money management, alert capabilities, aggregation, budgeting — all features that would enable our members to be financially strong."

Vice President of Digital Banking for BECU

Transactional Functionality

The Helios framework integrates with your current digital banking features such as RDC, P2P, bill pay, etc.

arrow icon for transfers


Transfer money and pay loans in real time.

person icon for payments


No matter who, no matter where

camera icon for capture


Simple, intuitive process

iphone image with helios product on iphone
car & document icon for transfers.


Apply for credit cards, car loans,
and mortgages



See pending payments, view history, and pay bills


Show ATM and branch locations

iphone image with helios product on iphone

Financial Management

Helios also includes financial management features such as external account aggregation, auto-categorization, bubble budgets, and more.

AFCU Case Study:
Better ratings = happy account holders

With the Helios cross-platform framework, AFCU's mobile app shot from a D to an A+ in appbot ratings, and the app rose to a 4.5+ star rating in both the Apple and Android app stores — up from an average rating of 2.5 with the prior version.

From Complaints to Praise

As you can see, before this client switched to MX their user reviews were infrequent and generally negative. After the client switched, the reviews were overwhelmingly positive.

Negative Reviews

Positive Reviews

Watch a Sample Ad

In this sample ad for Epic Bank, you can see how you might position Helios for your end users. By combining standard mobile banking features with innovative financial management services, you’ll stand out from your competition.


Advantages of
Native Cross-Platform


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Fast (including load times and advanced visual effects)

black check icon

Optimized for each device (e.g. can use FireTV remote)

black check icon

Facilitates robust and scalable testing

And Much More

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Looks and feels native to the device (because it is)

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Secure (data isn't stored in a browser)

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Works online and offline

Iterate to Freedom

With Helios, you can iteratively gain complete control of your mobile banking experience, whether that means controlling the frontend, the backend, or both. In addition, you don’t have to pay steep fees for updates since every update is free.

Customizable for Your Needs

Say you want your app to include an investment feature, or a treasury management feature, or a loan application feature. We can work with you to make it happen.

Security Whitepaper

Like all MX products, Helios comes with industry-leading security practices. Read our white paper to see how we protect your data on seven fronts.

Download the MX Business Case

16 pages of case studies and stats

  • - See why 1,700 institutions have chosen MX
  • - Discover how you can amp up your data game
  • - Learn new ways to drive revenue