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Data Aggregation & Cleansing

Bigger, Better, Faster, Cleaner

Account aggregation from MX stands apart from the competition for four significant reasons: We have more connections, we can reroute problematic connections on demand, our data is significantly cleaner, and we provide best-in-class speed to aggregate and present that transaction data.

Data Institutions

48,000 Connections

Unlike typical aggregators that rely on single source, MX plugs into a wide range of data providers — each of which connect to a range of financial institutions. This results in multiple connections (and therefore built in redundancy) to 16,000 financial institutions in the United States and Canada, as well as a plethora of other institutions such as student loan providers, investment companies, and even bitcoin exchange companies.

Reroute Connections

If 48,000 connections seems redundant, that’s because it is. Using our proprietary technology, this redundancy enables us to reroute deficient connections, so your users remain connected to their data. If the same situation were to happen with a typical aggregator, these users would be out of luck until the deficient connection was fixed (a process that can take days or even weeks). Not only can we reroute entire institutions, we often reroute individual customers to ensure the best connectivity in the industry.

Cleaner Data

We also cleanse, categorize, and classify all transaction data with the best accuracy on the market. As proof, a top 50 financial institution ran 5 million transactions through their system and found that MX categorizes transactions a full 30 percentage points higher than the closest competitor.

Faster Data

Being able to connect to the institution of your choice is necessary but not sufficient. At MX we believe that data should be complete, legible, and delivered speedily to the customer. Because of this, we consistently deliver all of the above with best-in-class speed and accuracy.

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