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With $70 million in total funding and 1,700+ signed clients, MX enables you to collect, enrich, present, and act on data — giving your users a 5-star digital experience.

We work with some of the most innovative financial institutions and fintech companies


Why Mx?

MX gives financial institutions and fintech companies the power to make finances as they should be. To put it simply, we offer the cleanest data and best user experience in the space.

Next-Gen PFM

MX puts a user’s data on center stage, molding it into a cohesive, intelligible, and interactive visualization. As a result, users engage more often and more deeply with your digital banking products.

Cross-Platform Framework

The Helios cross-platform framework gives MX clients the ability to offer mobile banking across a range of platforms and device types — all built from a single C++ codebase. This dramatically lowers maintenance costs and powers agile development.

Multi-Sourced Aggregation

You're looking for the best data on the market, and that's why MX employs a multi-sourced aggregation router. If a source becomes deficient, we can re-route and keep your users connected to their data.

Fintech API

The Atrium API allows fintech companies to pick and choose which features they’d like to integrate directly into their current offerings — all with the data and algorithms of MX working behind the scenes.

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When we saw what MX was doing in terms of their aggregation, their user interface, transaction categorization, we knew MX was the direction we needed to go.


CIO - Mercantile Bank

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